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Modbus with C#: a how-to video

In this video I explain how to use NModbus to read and write values from Modbus holding registers.

This video follows the article “Modbus with C#” and should dissipate the doubts around setting up Modbus and using the functions provided. I’m using a modbus simulator and comport simulator, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to reproduce the testing environment and get the application running.

In the video I’m using these softwares:

  1. com0com: to create a pair of connected COM ports without the need of the cable
  2. http://www.plcsimulator.org/: simulates a device with Modbus
  3. Free serial port monitor: to check the data-exchange in the selected COM ports.

Software configuration:

com0com configuration:

com0com config.PNG

Free serial port monitor configuration:

serial port monitor.PNG

serial port monitor 2.PNG


  1. Hello, great article thanks!
    I want just to know if there is an other protocol of industrial communication open source like modbus .

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