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About Mesta Automation

Hi, I’m Michele Cattafesta, the founder of Mesta-Automation.com.
I started it in 2010 because I felt I was learning too fast, so I posted what I was learning in form of tutorials to help engineers that work in industrial automation.
One thing that I learned while writing this blog, is that you will never master something if you can’t teach it, and that’s why I try to be as exaustive as possible, both in the articles and comments.
As today, Mesta-Automation.com receives 600 to 800 page-views per day.
I try to do my best to reply to comments and to keep the site up-to-date, so I hope you enjoy it.

About Michele Cattafesta

I am 34 years old, I graduated in Italy in electronic engineering and I work as software developer in the industrial automation field since 2008.
I received my first pc when I was 10 and since then I’ve been passionate about the IT world. I keep studying and improving in various aspects of IT, and blogging is one of these.
While in the beginning of my career I programmed both C# and PLC, in the last 4 years I’ve been writing software exclusively with C# and WPF, to develop HMI and supervisor applications.
I find programming in C# and WPF very challenging and I love to create applications with it, both for work and for personal use.


  1. First of all, congratulations for your iniciative! Great! I am brazilian software engineer and I want to start learn about C# on automation systems.

  2. Hello Michelle,

    Thanks for the great job you have done, I’m a software developer and I’ve been trying to learn about PLC programming and integration. I’m just starting and your blog has been really helpful to get the big picture about PLC programming. I’m working with a Siemens Logo8! and Snap7, I’ve not been able to fully understand how to interpret the data obtained from the PLC, I’ve read about VM but still I don’t know exactly how to process it as plain text. Could you please be so kind to share some resources on this field?

    Thanks again and congrats for your great blog!

    • Hello Freddy, thank you for the appreciations. It is in my future plans to make some videos to show how to connect to Siemens plcs by using different drivers, but until then, you can check the sources and the user manual of S7.Net and use the conversions that we use there in your program. You can read and write raw bytes using Snap7 and convert from C# types to S7 types with the methods of S7.Net.

  3. Hi Michele
    My name is Omar I’m electronic Engineer too , You are doing wonderful issue , I hope you to keep going and don’t stop , I wish you luck man.

  4. Hi michele
    Your blog in the holy grail for me, because i started my learning path because of the passion i have for industrial automation.
    right i now i am trying to create an hmi for an automated line and sharp7 is awesome, each day i am learning a lot, and your tutorial video is really a nice, helpful.

  5. Hi Michele
    My friend!!! Thanks a lot for your articles. I am doing the similar thing in China. Your articles inspired me a lot. I am also using C# for special HMI requirement which cannot fulfilled with WonderWare. I am also studying OpenCV, Machine Learning, CNN for Vision processing!

    • Hi Joe, I’m glad that you like the articles 🙂
      Keep following, I will keep publishing interesting content in the future.

  6. Hi Michele,

    Thank you for sharing this. I also want to be like you. Know something, share it and master it. IT pace is too fast. Not all were explore by myself without anyone share (discussion/Q&A). Too many library/function/feature in framework were not explore by me in Visual Studio. It’s is known after I’m facing the problem and someone share the solutions.

  7. Dear Michele,
    Firstly, thanks very much for sharing what you have done and known. I’m from China and just now i took a very challenging task to write an automation HMI with C#. I’m not very familiar with WPF, i couldn’t search much useful knowledge until i found your blog. I will follow you to complete my HMI design!

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