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Free set of 240 icons

This is a small (and almost useless) preview of the set, that contains more useful icons for sure:

Icons are downloadable from this page: http://www.iconarchive.com/category/application/aesthetica-2-icons-by-dryicons.html to see the complete set (that is really big, around 240 icons).

I want to point the attention on some icons:
– AcceptAddRemove and Edit are pretty straightforward. I think that no one can do confusion with this set of icons.
– BackNextDown and Top are pretty useful too, even if i don’t like to abuse of them because they are not always understandable if the context is not well defined.
– InfoHelpSearch and Warning are awesome. It’s impossible to don’t understand what they means and they are similar to windows ones too.
– Lock – Unlock icons for password login is always useful.
– ChartsFoldersDatabasesHomeWord and Calendar got always a use in programs, and they are included too.

The rest is quite trashy, or not so useful, but it always depends on what you are doing.
I really invite you to check out this set, downloadable from the bottom of this page:
selecting Linux (.png) files included (so you get the version with the set of 16×16 – 32×32 – 48×48 – 64×64 – 128×128 pixels)

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