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WPF Themes and theme switcher class

You can find an updated collection of themes for WPF application here. This class contains also a test project where you can see how to switch themes based on a combobox and how to apply those themes. It’s a must have for a GUI developer.

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WPF Touch Keyboard

As i previously did with Keypad, i rewrote the code of the for a WPF touch keyboard based on Wosk project on Codeplex. This keyboard both support upper and lower case letter, it’s completely sizable and it’s good-looking. I packed this together with keypad for convenience, and you can download ...

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WingDings fonts

This is a font available in Visual Studio where you can find some interesting graphics, like “Enter button”: From wikipedia: WingDings 1: WingDings 2:

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WPF and multithread: debugging with Console

You can download the sample here:¬†https://www.mesta-automation.com/Downloads/multithread.rar With WPF it’s almost a must to use multiple threads to keep the User Interface responsive, and debugging them can be a problem when they are complex. Usually i debug the background threads with the Console, while keeping the Main Window visible, like in ...

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