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WPF Gauge with samples

Get the latest source for CircularGauge.dll with samples from my github repository. As i mentioned in an earlier post i often use EvelynT Gauge for my industrial software. Because of the limits of the original source code i made some changes to scale it automatically, to use databinding on min-max values ...

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How to make a Sortable ObservableCollection C#

Time ago i had to implement a sortable observable collection that was able to sort its members based on different parameters. After long and long searching i found this code, and i report it here so it can be useful for readers too. You can use the SortableObservableCollection in this ...

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Multilanguage applications with C# with database support

[5/3/2012: I updated this post with a new version of this library for WPF, keeping this post separated because for Winforms this library is still okay. Check it here] Download the sample application: https://mesta-automation.com/Downloads/changeLanguage.rar As i wrote in an earlier post, the best way to realize a multilanguage application is to get ...

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7 Segment Display with WPF with a custom font

7 segment displays is one of the best way to show present values in industrial programs. Operators are used to see numbers and values with  7 segment led characters, and if the operator feels comfortable with what he sees, he works better and in a more correct way. So it’s ...

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Create a multi-page application with WPF (HMI-like)

This article explains a very simple and straightforward approach to create a multi-page navigation with WPF. If you need to use dependency injection and DI containers, check this article on WPF navigation. When working in automation, you often use HMI devices that allow you to draw graphics pages and navigate ...

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