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1on1 session

Mesta Automation is now a mentor with Codementor.io.

This means that you can book a personal session with screen sharing and voice with me via their website.

This service is for the people that need more than free articles and videos posted on Mesta-Automation.

I can help you if you are stuck in some particular areas of your project or if you have questions that will take more than 1 or 2 comments/emails. I can also help you to improve your skills and knowledge regarding industrial automation and development with C#.

This is basically the fastest channel to get in contact with me and get your problems solved (comments and emails are free but it takes 1 day to get a reply).

With a call you can request things like

  • How to configure and communicate to your plc / hardware with C#
  • Personalized training to get up to speed with the C# -WPF content on Mesta Automation
  • Working with cameras and image elaboration with C#
  • Work on your project togheter
  • Etc

Click here to book your session !

First session

For the first session I charge 100 euro, which includes 1 hour + the time needed to discuss the problem + next steps if needed (but most of the times 1 hour is enough).

Here is how to book your first session