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WPF and multithread: debugging with Console

You can download the sample here: https://www.mesta-automation.com/Downloads/multithread.rar With WPF it’s almost a must to use multiple threads to keep the User Interface responsive, and debugging them can be a problem when they are complex. Usually i debug the background threads with the Console, while keeping the Main Window visible, like in ...

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Keypad for WPF applications with touch-screen

This is a keypad that i often use in my applications. You can download the source code and a sample application from here:https://www.mesta-automation.com/Downloads/keypad.rar The original graphic and concepts has been taken from here: http://wosk.codeplex.com/ (check for the latest source code) and this control comes with the original license attached (it’s a free ...

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How to make a Sortable ObservableCollection C#

Time ago i had to implement a sortable observable collection that was able to sort its members based on different parameters. After long and long searching i found this code, and i report it here so it can be useful for readers too. You can use the SortableObservableCollection in this ...

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Create a multi-page application with WPF (HMI-like)

This article explains a very simple and straightforward approach to create a multi-page navigation with WPF. If you need to use dependency injection and DI containers, check this article on WPF navigation. When working in automation, you often use HMI devices that allow you to draw graphics pages and navigate ...

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